We have worked with great passion over the last three years to create a premier winery and a hub of hospitality. Three apartments, the result of painstaking conversion of one of the oldest farms on the island. We produce wine and extra virgin olive oil.

All around you, the verdant Valle di Lazzaro, bordering on the woodland of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. Terraced vineyards, olive groves, prickly pears, palms and fruit trees.

The buildings have been restored with full respect for the original structure, in perfect keeping with the typical architecture of the island.

Antique furniture, Tuscan terracotta floors, marble washbasins, granite doorsteps, handmade ceramic wall tiles, coarse linen hangings—we have chosen only the very best materials to create an elegant, comfortable ambience.

Apartments are equipped with solar panels to allow you to heat water with minimum energy consumption.

The swimming pool, built of stone, terra cotta and glass tiles, is situated on one of the terraces that surround the agriturismo, blending in perfectly with the landscape of the valley.

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A haven of relaxation in the Elba countryside